The Legends of Islam

Which individuals flash across your mind when you ponder over the illustrious personalities of the world. Surely they would be like Alexander the Great, M.A.Jinnah, Michael Jackson and many more. But the question is a strange one! These figures might be eminent for the entire world, but do they hold any prestige for the Muslim Ummah? Did they bring about any good to the Islamic community? Should in any way Muslims be clout by their lives? Can they be spoken of as heroes of Islam?

For a true Muslim, these worldly figures are not an emblem in any way. The real heroes of Islam are those who were pure at heart and did not strive for the worldly exhibition. Muslims are bound to emulate them for they are the Rightly Guided People of Allah.

The four mighty caliphs of Islam famed out the Quranic teachings and spread Islamic dominance. They wiped out all the evils from the world and created a tranquil world. These lofty people honored the commands of Allah and allowed generosity and goodness to flourish. They created a golden era for Islam in which weapons were silence and thus, a world filled with peace was engendered.

These great personalities were the parcel of mercy, respect and unparalleled Love for Allah and Holy prophet (S.A.W.). Their lofty status can be substantiated by this Hadith “ The fountain of Kauthar possesses four pillars: one commanded by Abu Bakr, the second but Umar, the third by Usman and the fourth by Ali”. We will throw light on each of them in turn.


  • He was an exemplary figure . With a man of high traits of mercy and humbleness, he gained the epithet of “Al Siddiq”
  • His noble behavior and profound religious knowledge won him the respect of thousands.
  • He spent his fortune for the sake of Islam and was an instrument of providing liberty to many Muslim slaves from non-Muslims.
  • Despite his short caliphate period he flourished Islam immensely and unanimously brought the Muslims under the banner of Islam.
  • His greatest sacrifice was the preservation of Holy Quran.
  • His genius and marvelous statesmanship made him an exemplary Khalifa, whose ideas can be used to eradicate present day problems.
  • With his unshakeable faith he struggled tirelessly and was an embodiment of selfless service.
  • He worked for the sake of Islam till his last breath, but sought no favors.


  • The greatness of Hazrat Umar could be exhibited by his simple life and painstaking practice of Holy Quran and Sunnah, even when he became the most powerful ruler of the world.
  • He is an embodiment of flamboyant character because of his highest virtues.
  • His expertise and intellect moulded the destiny of Islam and made it a world power.
  • His valor led him to make a history of his own and expanded Islamic teachings at an unprecedented rate.
  • The high standards of his integrity in administration can be incorporated in today’s world.
  • He reformed armies, educational system, agriculture and the political system.
  • In his reign, justice prevailed everywhere.
  • His magnificent traits won the hearts of all.


  • He was a man of virtue, devotion and austerity.
  • His novel generosity for the sake of Islam won him the title of ‘Ghani’.
  • He was a man of noble character with infinite love for Allah. His belief was such that he use to weep with the fear of Allah.
  • He never showed signs of frugality in spending many for the cause of Islam.
  • As a caliph, he in his time period extended Islamic empire far and wide, being victorious in bringing several people under the fold of Islam.
  • His tremendous service was the distribution of authentic copies of Holy Quran . he therefore, saved his religion from perishing. Muslims owe him a huge debt for his remarkable act.
  • His reign is the glorious period in history of Islam due to achievement such as the victory over the naval force.


  •  The excellence of Hazrat Ali is peerless. He was the most stalwart companion of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).
  • His services rendered in the way of Islam are beyond expression.
  • Throughout his life, he exhibited Islamic values under all circumstances and success was bestowed on him.
  • Hazrat Ali, whose code of conduct ands government were a hallmark of wise ness, simplicity and an incorrupt government.
  • During the period when Arabs were groping in darkness of ignorance, they were fortunate to have Hazrat Ali as an outstanding guider.
  • Hazrat Ali is also honored to be great scholar. Holy prophet (S.A.W.) is reported to have said ‘I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it gate”.
  • He was a valiant warrior and entitled Islam for huge victories.
  • Despite the hardships he faced during his khilafat, he encountered them with strength, determination and fortitude.

Nowhere in history of Islam has ever come across such examples of teachings of Holy Quran. These pious caliphs established Islam on firm footing and won the non-believers faith by honesty and integrity. They were the greatest stars world has ever produced.  Apart from providing a complete code of a pious life, they laid down the quintessence principles regarding affairs of the Muslim state. Islam will for ever be grateful for its legends.