Miracles can occur even today

In the hustle and bustle of the present world there are hardly any people left who with true sincerity worship Allah. In fact, in this chaotic life, no one is able to spare some time to understand his religion. Today, we do not know anything about our religion, yet still we call ourselves Muslims. We do not have time to pray, to recite Quran, to give Zakat or even to do minor religious acts.

Despite this, there are some people who in have been successful in understanding Islam. These unbelievers, in their attempt to search for the right path have found peace by entering in the fold of Islam. These beloved servants of Allah, to whom on whom Allah shines the right path have gained purpose in life by enveloping themselves with the teachings of Islam.

Let us throw life on some of these blessed servants of Allah and see how their life’s twist brought them under the banner of Islam.


A French Rapper finds serenity in Islam

Diam, a French rapper was a severe drug addict and had therefore been admitted in an asylum fro treatment.  Over there she saw one of her friend praying. Inspired by her, she decided to pray as well. She explains her experience in these words “I was the first time I touched the floor with head, and I had a strong feeling never experienced before.” Leaving behind all the luxuries, this woman found peace in Islam, and started wearing hijab despite the contempt she faced from her society. She finally decide to have an in-depth study of Holy Quran and had a purpose in life.


Visiting Mosque helped me discover Islam

An English teenager says that she was enjoying her teenage life in every way. She was heading towards anything except the right path. As a matter of joke , she and her friend decided to visit different religious places. However, the visit was delayed. One day she decide to read some Islamic books, her friend has gifted her. She was drawn towards Islam instantly and picked up the book on holy Prophet’s last sermon. After she has gained some knowledge about Islam, she went to the mosque with her friend and immediately fell in love with Islam. With the aid of some other religious books, and the Imaam of Masjid she augmented her Islamic understanding. I finally learned how to pray and read Quran.  After this soothing experience I finally believed that if Allah wants you, then He will Have you.


My Husband’s character made me love Islam

Michelel Ashfaq, a lady from New York shares her experience of reverting to Islam. She says she was briefly introduced to Islam in her childhood but never accepted it. However, I started hearing more about it after my marriage from my husband. His noble character and cleaned etiquette captivated me towards Islam before she was even converted. She started reading books her father-in-law sent from Pakistan and that is how she started feeling about Islam.

Islam brought a tremendous difference in her life. She thinks it is a connection between the servant and the God.  She also discovered that Quran is the remedy of all problems and is the best healing. Islam completely molded me. Another thing is our Salat (prayer) that we pray five times a day and how significant that is, because that keeps you focused. You think about the five times. You have to wake up in the very early morning, which is hard but I’m doing this for God and I want my sins to be forgiven for the whole day. So this makes a big difference. Also, the fasting; to think about the poor people, to really fast and truly feel hungry and feel like I’m making a sacrifice for God Almighty like I’m doing this for Him and Him alone. And Zakat (giving money) that constantly keeps me reminded about the importance of these things.


Reading the Prophet’s biography led me to Islam

Yusuf Derbeshyre explains his journey towards Islam. Before he was a Muslim, he was a typical British lad engrossed in drinking every Saturday.  I was going to Greece over a holiday. On the airport, he went to a bookshop to find myself something to read beside the swimming pool with a glass of bear.  and he couldn’t find anything. he got my rucksack on my back, and as I turned around to leave, I knocked the bookshelf and all the books fell off. Not wanting to be a bit awkward, so he picked everything up, and the books were all one book, and it was by a western author, called Barnaby Rogerson, and he wrote a book called “The Prophet Muhammad: A Biography”. He read the first page and it looked interesting. He read the second page. Took it to the counter, he bought it and took it on holiday.

So he read the book, and thought “Yeah I want to learn more.” So he came back, and started to go to the local mosque, spoke to them and said he wanted to learn more. And the Imam, who took my Shahadah, said “Well to tell you the truth, the best way to understand Islam is to become a Muslim.” He didn’t think twice about it. He just took my Shahadah there and then. He then went to Hajj and found loads of peace there. So when he got home he said- and my wife was pregnant at the time- “If we have a son he want to call him Hamza,” and we had a little girl. So before he went to see his mum, he went on to the internet to see if there are any female relations of Hamza to give her a second name, and couldn’t find anything. My wife said “Ask your mum”. So he asked his mom. A couple of days later, she said she went through the internet and found three names for us. The one we liked most was Safiyya. So we thought “OK then, we will give her the name Safiyya”.

Thus he finally got a purpose in life.

Thus all these people chose Islam inspired by their surroundings and mainly due to Allah’s grace upon them. These lives miraculously took unexpected turns and brought them to Islam. The Holy Quran says “Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path” (2:256)