Jealousy – The Execrable Enemy of Muslims Oct08


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Jealousy – The Execrable Enemy of Muslims

So, do you experience a feeling of aversion towards a person who owns something that you don’t? Do you feel diseased whenever you see them? This is because he is more bright, affluent or more virtuous than you are.  Jealousy is viewed to be the most ruinous feeling that one person might have towards his fellow Muslims. It compels the person to wish iniquity for others and to be pleased when accidents betide them. It is the perilous heart disease having no cure. In the words of B.C. Forbes “Jealousy…. is a mental cancer.”

Jealousy is one of the most jeopardous and pernicious sins of human character. On religious grounds, jealousy does not only augment the bad deeds carried out by people but also waste away our fine deeds. Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said “Beware of envy because indeed envy destroys good deeds in the same manner as fire destroys wood”. In our society, only a few people out of millions will be found not suffering from this ailment of soul. Otherwise most of the people, due to the lack of knowledge of religion, deprived of virtuous accomplices and being fearless of the judgment day has put their religious faith to risk.

There are numerous occasions which may give birth to the feeling of jealousy in people’s hearts.

  • Your doubts about your abilities or skills might make you a victim of envy.
  • When a person attains a high status and position in the society or gains wealth, he hates to see someone other than him contest or go ahead of him or be praised over him. So, he envies the former person.
  • One of the root causes behind jealousy is being afraid. This fear can be a fear of ending up alone, a fear of being rejected or a fear of losing the love of your partner.
  • Enmity between two people also becomes the cause of jealousy.

Greed is a sickness as is miserliness and jealousy is worse than miserliness. Protecting ourselves from jealousy is only possible in the manner if we seriously acquire the knowledge of its definition. Thus, viewing such nefarious effects of jealousy and extreme and severe condemnation of it in our religion, repentance and getting rid of jealousy is surpassingly vital. This can be attained in various manners.

  • The believer should have earnestness in regretting from Hasad as Prophet (S.A.W.) said “Three things that every heart of a believer should not hate to have is sincerity in actions, rendering advise to leaders and holding to Jama’ah (community) of the Muslims, for their supplication surrounds everyone with them.”
  • The unison requirement to drive away from jealousy is to abstain of all those means which cause one to have feelings like anger, hatred, love for the world and discontentment.
  • Also giving charity sanitizes the heart and sanctifies the soul. It is for this reason Allah said to His Prophet (S.A.W.) “Take Sadaqah from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it.”

The intention behind this discussion is that jealousy is one of the sicknesses of the soul and it is a prevalent disease that tortures the generality of mankind and only a few are hidden from it. This is why it is said “The body is never free from jealousy, but debasement brings it out, and nobility hides it.”

In a nutshell, jealousy is totally blameworthy. So the one who is affected by the one who is jealous is abused and should be dictated to patience. He should be patient of the impairment unsettled upon him by the jealous person and he should forgive and look on.