Islam and Attitude of Muslim Youngsters

Let’s just sit and think! Was your teenage behavior different as that of your child? Surely it was! Your teenage life was all about gaining good education, playing outside (yes, you use to actually climb trees), making friends and refraining from any sort of trouble to abstain punishment from your parents. And then you grew up and got married and life continued. Do you think your life was simpler?

Whether it was simpler or not, but today, lifestyle has completely changed. Now is the time to just sit. Does your child constantly nags you for buying him a new iPod, and makes you realize how good a son he is? Don’t they boast on you numerous times a day, that they don’t put tattoos, doesn’t have girlfriends and don’t drink alcohol and so they deserve to get the new iPod.

So who is responsible for bringing such a drastic change in society? I think parents are to some extent culpable for it. Today, nearly every Muslim household is equipped with iPods, laptops, wifi, game boys e.t.c. In order to prevent their children from engrossing in unethical and un-Islamic activities, parents have armed them with such tools to beguile their time. Parents then occupy themselves with their personal matters, thinking they have done a magnificent job!

Films and advertisements have dominated the teenagers today and Muslim youngsters are no exception. Youngsters are now being used as money making machine because they have been hypnotized by their digital surroundings. It is time to fathom and ponder over the ignorant situations and to save the world from slipping and dipping away in the pitfall.

It is time to allow your child to come out from behind the screen and face the harsh realities of the world. They are now responsible enough to be aware of the recessions, global warming, extinction of valuable species, destruction of environment and other major and minor issues, surrounding the world today. But the question is, have we taught our child to mould their own lives, simultaneously shielding themselves from these bitter realities and actually doing something to resolve these matters. Does the infinite hours that they spent in front of laptops and TV, facilitate them in any way?

However, scientific knowledge is not enough to solve these abundant problems. We as Muslims should realize that and ethical life, based on sound values is the key to tap the doors of a peaceful society for humanity.

Thus, the stance of today’s teenager is that he is attacked by temptations which are targeted to destroy his worldly life as well as his hereafter. If they shun from the world and become a stern Muslim, they are ridiculed and regarded as a social pariah. But if they fail to plant strong and steadfast seed of Islam in their heart, they will ultimately fall prey to worldly temptations and diverse opportunities of different religions.

Therefore, those who are firm believes of Allah, actually need to strive very hard to bring about a positive change in society. They have to make friends, live with other people and abide by the Islamic teachings, all at the same time. We must remember that it is much easy to leave your religion for the sake of accommodating easily in society, but it is equally difficult to refrain from your friends and society for the sake of your religion. And those who are successful in the latter task, surely gets unlimited bounties of Allah, in both the worlds.

It is the responsibility of parents, to make their children learn about Allah and keep them on the straight path. In today’s technological world it is difficult, youngsters are easily targeted by depressions. Therefore, in this entangled world, where the value of Muslim life is zero, violence is dominating the society, Muslims have to follow their religious duties, family obligations and need to fulfill their educational goals effectively and efficiently. Failure in any of the three, will result in a failure of a being a true Muslim and a good human being.

It is high time for the youngsters as well, to realize that there is no need to feel isolated. Holy Quran is their constant companion, their starting point for a good life is the prayer mat, and they have the full history of Holy prophet’s life to resolve their queries. They should not wait to me motivated; in fact they need to take the initiative themselves. In this chaotic world, where people are constantly seen bickering for their rights no one has time to ponder over the direction in which they are heading. Our ability to prosper in this world as well a sin the Hereafter is based on our closeness and communication with Allah.

To sum up, feel yourself lucky to be a Muslim. You are fortunate that you have got Allah. Maintain your five daily prayers, surround yourself with positive people who share your goals and trust in God every step of the way. At the end of the day, we are born alone, will die alone and will be raised alone and alone, we will stand before Allah and face the consequences of our life’s efforts alone. And we certainly will not be asked about how many movies we watched or what level of the game we got to!