Fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice.- (33:70) Oct10


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Fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice.- (33:70)

Like many boys of his age, cricket is Ahmed’s obsession. And when he plays cricket almost all of the time, the neighbor’s glass window is shattered. Now Ahmed has to decide whether to take the blame by telling the truth or tell a lie. If he utters the truth, he will get into trouble but if he lies, there’s a chance that someone innocent might be considered guilty.

Being honest is a decision children have to make everyday. And not only children but adults as well have to deal with this quandary. The problem is that we are unaware of the dangerousness of lie and the virtues of honesty.

If you will be asked to be honest with yourself, you will realize that you are not a completely honest person. Whenever our kids get bad grades in school and lie to us, whenever they commit some mischief and then refuse to take the blame we give them long lectures on honesty. But we are failing to set an example of an honest person for them. We go to the office and lie to the boss of getting late due to traffic while the blameworthy was your deep sleep!

Speaking the truth opens the doors of paradise for us while falsehood is the path of Hell. It leads us towards calamities. Truthfulness is a noble act that provides contentment at heart. God has prepared vast rewards for the person who always favors the truth. Whereas, lie is a sin which enfeebles out Imaan.  Lie can reap benefits only in the short run, but in the long run it is the truth that is always victorious. When a person gains the repute of honesty, he raises his esteem in the eyes of the whole society and becomes the beloved servant of Allah. Truthfulness is the key to the success of a true believer. That is why it is said “Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people.”

The pillar of truthfulness can be completed when a person is truthful towards Allah by obeying Him, being truthful towards Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) by emulating him in every walk of life and being truthful to himself by being sincere and honest to achieve well being. Allah says in the Holy Quran “O you who believe! Have fear of God, and be among the truthful.” (Quran 9:119). The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) has also highlighted the significance of being truthful. He is reported to have said “Guarantee for me six things and I will guarantee Paradise for you: tell the truth when you speak, fulfill your promises, be faithful when you are trusted, safeguard your private parts, lower your gaze, and withhold your hands (from harming others).”

Quran and Ahadith have frequently mentioned the importance of honesty. Speaking truth will never lead you to problems. But a lie will force you to lie again and again and you will be stuck in its web. Honesty is the trait of a pious character and a staunch believer thinks of lie as accurse and never bothers to approach it, no matter what the circumstances are. He always adhere to the truth.

In our busy lives we have forgotten the difference between truth and lie and in today’s world nearly every person is taking the aid and support of lie in every walk of life. And they are oblivious of their ignorance. It is high time for us, Muslims to realize our misstep and to rectify our deeds before our life’s journey comes to a full stop.