Becoming an Ideal Wife? Oct24


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Becoming an Ideal Wife?

I will advice all married Muslim women to be honest with themselves while going through this blog. Are you a perfect wife to your husband? Many of you think that you are, but trust me, if I will ask you to list down the duties of an ideal Muslim wife you will get a zero out of ten. The reason of this ignorance is the muddled world in which we are dwelling.

Lets examine the role of today’s wife. She sets breakfast for her husband and then leave for work even before her husband do so. She don’t have enough time to provide him company. When he returns from work, she is ready to deliver him long sermons of complains and tantrums. Moreover, she doesn’t think of herself inferior enough to attend to household chores. She thinks she best fits beguiling outside home widening her social circle. She is good enough to order food from outside, before her husband arrives home from work, so that he doesn’t has to wait for dinner. But making dinner herself is totally out of question for her! She is wise enough to keep an account of the expenses if the husband spends some money on his parents. But when it comes to the furnishing of the home or her dressing, she is extremely generous!

Do you think, your conduct also falls under these categories? If not all, then some? Do you think you are portraying yourself as a beloved wife according to Islam? Let me admonish you, you are far from being a wife who is respected in Islam.

Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said “The whole world is a provision, and the best object of provision in this world is the pious woman”. In Islam wife plays an imperative role.  Her thoughts and actions directed to gratify her husband, ultimately makes her win the pleasure of Allah. When she prefers her husband’s desires over hers, she enjoys the grace and blessings of Allah. A Muslim wife must comprehend that she has a crucial role to play and Allah has selected her for this position. To give her best performance under this role, she should strive to emulate the mothers ofParadise in all walks of life.

The Prophet of Allah stated “ A thankful tongue, a soft hearted wife is a friend of yours in religion”. These are the qualities that a true Muslim woman should encompass.

  • Dear ladies! Your husbands need love and affection. They look towards you as an amiable companion. He wants you to take care of him. Therefore, try to be his friend so that he can be in comfort with you.
  • Life is overflowing with hardships and troubles. Avoid giving your husband a hard time by being a nagging child all the time. Bea support to your husband in times of calamities and provide him strength. Patience and encouragement are your weapons in times of adversities.
  • Being the mistress of your household, keep your expenditure in the limit that is not detrimental to your wealth and honor. Stop asking your husband for unnecessary things and don’t feel depressed if your husband is not a  manager of some multi-national company. Do not compel your husband to spend on your desires that surpasses his financial means.
  • Being appreciative is a very important role that a wife should play. Show extreme gratitude to him when he buys a present for you or even when he does some trifling tasks for you like dropping the cloths for laundry e.t.c.  It augment your husband’s love for you.
  • Stop hunting for perfection. Some are too fat or too skinny, some are bad tempered while some are good natured. Do not forget that you also have shortcomings. Therefore, be complacent for what you get. Don’t turn yourself in a spiteful woman by pointing out failings in your husband.
  • Before, your marriage you might have several offers of matrimony. But now forget your past.  Once you have chosen your spouse, tie with him for all your life with sincerity and devotion don’t cheat him.
  • Keep your home clean so that your husband can feel proud of having a skillful and an educated wife.
  • Strive for the best upbringing of your children so that your husband can get a chance to appreciate you.
  • Guard his property during his absence. Maintain good relationships with his family while he is away. Be chaste even when he is not around you. Be someone, who your husband can trust blindly.
  • Try to please him if he is angry. Do not provoke him further. In fact, ask for forgiveness if you committed a mistake.
  • Try to dress yourself beautifully to be attractive in your husband’s eye. Dress hoe he likes, wear what he likes.  Be attractive to his eyes.
  • Try to satisfy his sexual desires till he is complacent and happy.

Allah has promised great rewards for a righteous wife. She is the foundation of a smooth and peaceful family life. Thus, it is time for all Muslim women to wake up! Starting complying with the above ethics and surely you will become a perfect wife for your husband. You will win a dignified place in the eyes of your spouse as well as in the eyes of Allah.