Beacons of Light

The Muslim world has seen innumerable noble Muslim personalities, who have carried on the legacy of Islam through the work that they initiated. These Muslim personals moulded the world through their characters. These people were men of action, rather than men of words. Instead of ranting lengthy lectures, they practically did, what they thought was good for the Muslim world.

Some of the noble Muslim heroes of the contemporary Islamic world are mentioned as follows.


Sheikh Hamza Yousuf Hanson

This great man is the western world’s most iconist figure. He is seen as one of the foremost authorities on Islam outside of the Muslim World and is a co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California, the first Muslim liberal arts college in the U
Hanson converted to Islam in 1977 when he was only 17 and spent majority of his time comprehending  Arabic, Islamic jurisprudence and philosophy amidst some of the Muslim World’s most prominent and well-respected scholars. He is seen as an influential figurehead for prevailing traditional Sunni orthodoxy in the West through his popular speeches and his teaching at short intense study programs such as Deen Intensive, The Rihla and RIS. He has recently started a blog on where he discusses issues of the day.SA.

Hamza Yusuf has promoted Islamic sciences throughout the w

orld. He has also been an advocate for social justice and peace among people and places. He is also accredited with initiating a media challenge to the Arab world that resulted in a highly successful cultural religious program that he hosted for three years. This program had a profound influence on subsequent religious programming in the Arab world. This great man is also reputed fro authoring various Islamic scholarly books.


Salim Al-Hassani

Another major personality who is promoting Islam and Muslim welfare is of Salim Al-Hassani. Currently the president of the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilization, UK (FSTC Ltd), he is ennobling the roots of Muslim heritage globally.

He has taken initiative to broaden the Muslim heritage by endeavoring to recreate ancient machines such as of Al-jazari, invented during the golden age.  He is also honored with authoring more than 3000 books on Muslim heritage including the book 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in our World. This book talks about the modern Muslim inventions.

Al Hassani is a renowned international speaker on the Muslim contribution to laying the grounds of modern civilization and is also a reputable lecturer at national and international level.

Hence, this man is working untiringly to win respect for the Muslim culture.


Lubna Olayan

Another great figure, who is making Muslims proud in the international world, is Lubna Olayan. This marvelous lady is a Saudi business woman and is an influential tycoon globally.  She is honored as being one of the top 100 most influential people of 2005 by Time magazine and has continued to be on the Forbes list of most powerful women till 2011. She is accredited as being the first woman in Saudi history to deliver an opening keynote address at a major conference in Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Lubna S. Olayan is the chief executive officer of the Olayan Financing Company (OFC), the holding entity for the Olayan Group’s operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


Zaghloul El-Naggar

When discussing Muslim personal, the name of Dr. Zaghloul Naggar cannot be overlooked. This man blended his philosophy with religion. The books which he has authored revolve around Quran and Science.  He left his academic career to become the Chairman of Committee of Scientific Notions in the Quran. One of his achievements is the book called “The Geological Concepts of Mountains in the Quran”.

Thus, to conclude, these high-minded figures have taking initiatives to develop the Muslim world. In every field, whether science, technology. Religion or culture, they are promoting the value of Muslims globally. Their efforts are aimed at contracting the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims and to generate a positive role of Muslims in the international community.

We Muslims surely need salute these personalities who are proving themselves as beacon of light in the Muslim world.