Are You Ready to Meet Your End?

Allah has said in the Quran “Every soul will taste death.” This verse highlights that it is imperative that the reflection of death should always be present in a man’s kind as a reminder as a reminder of his end. However material and prolong our life be, each person will surely see the red light of his journey one day.

Today, the chaotic lives of people have let them forget about their end. While some people deliberately try to wander away from this topic regarding it as a depressed issue. Death is such a thing that you can’t escape from even if you are in a house, which is built with metal walls, and has a massive padlock. Death will not only come when hair and the beard turn white, but it can come at any time, even when you are a baby, or an old person or a teenager or of middle age. Even if you are a king, a Prime Minister or a leader of one of the tribes you will definitely taste death.

Even the Prophets and their companions also confronted death, so how come we try to be unmindful of it?

Our life is a transitory journey. We are similar to travelers waiting at the station for our train and that train will end up our journey of life. So it is better, before we board onto it we prepare ourselves for a comfortable journey and make provision for things that will be useful for us at our eternal home. If on the other hand he wastes his short but precious time of leisure in going around the place and while his own goods are lying scattered he should set about dusting and furnishing the waiting room; and what’s even more foolish if he should get busy in purchasing mirrors and maps for hanging in this room, he will not only lose his ordinary provisions but also his most valuable gifts.

Death is when the soul is separated from the body; it receives reward and punishment and the separation of the soul from the body means loss of power of the soul over the body. The soul uses the body in its works; it catches by the hand, hears by the ears, sees by the eyes and acquires the knowledge of all things. Death, according to the Quran, is not the end of man’s life; it only opens the door to another, a higher form of life “We have ordained death among you and We are not to be overcome, that We may change your state and make you grow into what you know not .” (56: 60 – 61).

Under the Islamic perspective, mankind is divided into three classes.

  • One who is obsessed with this material world. He is deprived of the remembrance of Allah and run from the idea of death. Allah reveals to us in the Holy Quran  “Tell those who are running away from death that one day they will be trapped unaware and produced before Almighty. They will be called upon to answer for their action by Him Who is All-Knowing”.
  • One who is sincerely repentant to purify his soul from misdeeds. He remembers his death but is afraid to talk about it because he is not prepared for it, but he tries his best to make himself we-prepared before meeting death.
  • The third id the one, who has completely submitted himself to the Will of the Almighty. He eagerly waits to welcome death as it will shield him from all the worldly sins.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) states over this matter in these words “The sanest amongst us is the one who can control his baser self and remains attached to things that may prove helpful to one’s post existence. One cannot be prepared for anything unless one spends every moment of one’s life in contemplating what the process of preparation requires. And anyone who is leading the life of deception. He is a victim to the worldly temptation and he is forgetful of the day he will die”.

For every Muslim, the journey of life is mystery. Whoever is blind in this life will be blind in the Hereafter. He will have nothing to hold to at the day of Judgment. The Quran talks about death in various words in several places. “Who created life and death to test which of us is best in conduct.” And Who “made the world a respectable for both the living and the dead” among us.

So people act wise and try hard to remember death as often as you can in the tight schedule of your daily lives. It might be your turn next to greet death and you never know when the moment is booked for you, when your friends and relatives will place you under the ground. So start now before it is too late!!