Are you a Real Brother?

Within society there are many diverse categories of relationships that are made between people. One of the highest forms of these relationships and a legitimate milestone in terms of human interaction is that of brotherhood, a bond that draw the hearts of people together in a way that is ruled by no materialistic proceeds or ardor.

Today, we are unaware of the true meaning of brotherhood. We fail to spend some time with our blood relatives, try to deceive them in various matters, cast an evil eye on their success and try to express fake love. The concept of brotherhood does not only teaches us to stand up for our real brothers, in fact any person within the Muslim community, irrespective of his cast or creed is our brother. If we see a person lying on the road injured, we should run to help him because he is our brother, if a person in your building gets a bad tire in the morning, give him lift to his office because he is a brother to you. If you come across a destitute family, who is suffering from spasms of hunger, provide them with good food, because you are their brother.

One of the considerable blessings of Islam is its laudable success in creating firm, warm, wealthy and durable bonds of love and brotherhood between human beings which no other religion has ever reverie of. Love is the basic food for a salutary life. The entire world is a brotherhood of Allah’s people. Love and be loved is the wisdom which the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) preached and practiced. Islam establishes human brotherhood on the basis of faith.

The importance of brotherhood in Islam can not be over accentuated. There are many Ahadith emphasizing the fact that Muslims are a single united body, each part liable for the other. Accordingly if one of the parts is injured then the rest of the body instantly feels that pain and is definitely uncomfortable at the situation until it is corrected without delay. The brotherhood of Muslims is a very extensive notion that sureties the safety and well being of the society at large. Islam being an entire way of life is formastly for the society, it promotes a healthy and a well disciplined life style in every sense of the word. As quoted in a hadith “The Believers are but a single Brotherhood”.

Unity of believers is a stronghold of Islam. It builds and fortifies bonds not only between mankind and the Creator or among the people themselves but also strengthen the relationship between mankind and other creations.

The stem of Islamic brotherhood and amity was so important in Islam that soon after migrating toMedina, the first important social percept of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) was on the issue of brotherhood. So with the guidance of Allah, the Prophet announced that he was going to establish the bond of brotherhood between the Ansaar and the Muhajirin.
Today, the Muslims are not united. There was a time when we ruled the world, but now we are being ruled. It was the feeling of unity that made Islam extends its boundaries to the gates of Vienna in the West. But now, we have forgotten the golden perception, the principle of brotherhood, and consequently have fallen into servitude and degradation.

Muslims must keep in mind that there are infinite hostile tribes which are ready to attack the ‘commodity of believers’. That’s why Allah warns us against their evil designs and forbade us to take them as our friends. It is clearly stated in Holy Quran.
“Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Who so do that has no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them; taking (as it were) security”. [3:28]

Thus, the Islamic concept of brotherhood is a blessing for us. It remained the greatest asset of Muslims in the past and it helped us a lot in order to overcome our difficulties. We get united against our foeman. The feeling of brotherhood is an essential obligation for unity. It shuns agitation, turbulence, rivalry and disharmony. But in the present era, the spirit of brotherhood is found missing among Muslims.