A Guide to Brush up Your Lifestyle

History is glutted with examples of Prophets being sent without divine revelation in the form of a book, but there is no divine book that has been sent unless escorted by a Prophet. This is proof of the fact that humanity needed not just a Book but someone to decode that book for mankind. Someone who could interpret and explicate.

The Quran is the last divine book, which was revealed from Allah as a declaration and guidance to mankind. It is an explanation of all things and means for men to be rightly guided. It is prescribed in many verses of the Quran to obey the prophet of Allah. This is quite a vital point because understanding the Quran fully can only be possible with following the Sunnah of the prophet (S.A.W.).

The Sunnah is the explanation of the Holy Quran. In other words, Sunnah is the sayings or doings (behaviors / actions) of the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.). They have been committed to heart, and written down from those who were alive and close to him (his companions) during his lifetime and are used to this day along with the Quran as guidelines on how Muslims should act and speak.

The Sunnah is the second informant of Islamic legislation and must be in complete conformity with the first source. As Allah says β€œAnd we have also sent down unto you (O Muhammad the reminder and the advise (the Quran), that you may explain clearly to men what is sent to them, and that they may give thought.”
Thus, here are some Sunnahs that correlate with the day to day routines of Muslims and assist them in leading a life that is in absolute agreement with Islamic laws and teachings.
  • EAT with three fingers if possible.
  • Remove the shoes before EATING.
  • Do not lean while EATING.
  • After EATING one should lick his fingers.
  • One should not eat very hot food.
  • A Muslim should DRINK with right hand because SHAITAN (Satan) drinks with left hand.
  • DRINK in three breaths and remove utensil from mouth after each sip.
  • Dust the bed thrice before retiring to bed.
  • To sleep on the right hand side keeping right palm under the right cheek.
  • To sleep in the state of WUZU (Ablution).
  • On AWAKENING, rub face and eyes with the palms of hands in order to remove the effects of sleep.
  • When the eyes open in the morning say Alhamdulillah thrice and then recite Kalimah-e-Tayyibah.
  • On AWAKENING cleanse the mouth with a maswak
  • When putting on any garment Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) always began with the right limb.
  • When removing them first remove the left and then the right.
  • When wearing shoes first wear the right shoe then left and while removing first remove left and then right.
  • Males must wear the clothes above the ankles and females must ensure that their lower garments cover their ankles.
  • To recite the dua before entering the home.
  • To visit a Muslim when he is sick.
  • To honor a guest even though he may not be of a very high position.
  • To keep the gaze on the ground whilst walking.
  • To consult with one’s parents, teachers or elders before doing any work.
The Sunnah is nothing but a translation of the personality of the Prophet which is to be complied at every cost. It has supported Muslims in leading a satisfactory life throughout the history. Since the era of our Prophet (S.A.W.) which has been hundreds of years, the Muslims have worshipped in accordance with the Sunnah. Worships like praying five times a day, fasting, giving charity and sacrificing have not changed until today as they have been always performed according to the Sunnah. All of them are needful worships, whose details are described in the Sunnah.