How is Social Media addressing Islamic Issues?

Internet is a most powerful source to address or communicate with a community or an organization .That’s the reason social media has spread its arm so wide as an online publications tool. Its benefits are limitless by reaching to individuals through social networks like facebook, and twitter

Many online organizations and websites address various issues in their open forums to flourish a constructive discussion and find solutions to problems in this collective approach.

When it comes to Islam, keywords such as Hijab, Quran, and Islamic Banking are among some high traffic receiving terms. The world tends to investigate what Islam is, what its fundamentals are, how is it spread and what are the factors that are being falsely associated with it. The blogosphere and social media combined unveils the hidden truth and provides the world with the true Islamic perspective – which teaches of peace and equality and not vice versa.

Thus, the social media plays an important role in spreading the word of Islam faster and easier towards its people. It is easily accessible and Muslims all over the world are gathered on a platform to discuss Islamic issues not in the preachy way but in an open discussion.

It might seem that social media is creating a negative point of view against Islam, although at some points it is, but at a subliminal level it is contributing positively. Do you agree? What is your opinion about it? Feedback is appreciated.