Hijab – The Best Attire for Muslim Woman

Give a sweeping glance around yourself and see whether you are a part of today’s fashion parade, wearing short hair, bombar jackets and toe capped boots? Are you trying to be a target of stares and adoration to gain self-esteem? For today’s women, dresses designed by Versace or Armani are the sole honor they need. They assume of gaining prestige through their catwalk dresses, in a desperate attempt to meet the unrealistic standards of aura. They have bits of them hanging out and men drooling over them. They are only interested in captivating men’s attraction and are fully up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

However, if you give a little thought to the teachings pf Holy Quran, you will discern that to safeguard the Muslim woman from exploitation of her beauty and feminity, Islam has urged an observation of code, known as Hijab. This helps in preventing the arousal of beastly desires amidst men.

Since the advent of hijab, there has been a constant crusade against this pious act. The western media has regarded hijab as a religious oppression of Islam that has dispossessed Muslim women of their liberty. However, Islam is the liberator of slavery that women encounter due to the wild lust of men.

The women of the west, whose social problems have driven them out of the boundaries of their homes, who have surrendered their dignity in an attempt to overcome their inferiority against men. On the contrary, in Islam, a woman enjoys a great degree of honor enveloped with a sense of security, outside her home.

You can see it yourself! Among the hustle and bustle of this chaotic world, a woman wearing a black garment walks steadily amidst the crowd of strangers, screening herself from the tyranny of this material world. She is always at peace, beneath this veil of her’s. Does she look to you  princess of royal blood? No. Is she a head of state? No. So who is this noble woman? The answer is, she is a woman of hijab among other women. Islam depicts hijab as an oyster, with a beautiful pearl inside it.

So a Muslim woman in hijab is dignified, not dishonored, noble, not debased, liberated, not quelled, protected, not defenseless, respected, not denigrated, a guarded pearl, not a prostitute.

Wearing hijab is a matter of great good for you, for a multiple reasons.

  • Allah safeguards your chastity through hijab. You are not a product of display for every man to see.
  • Allah beautifies your inner and outer countenance. It portrays you as innocent, shy and held you in high esteem.
  • Through hijab, men respect you because you respect yourself.
  • It defines you as true Muslim.
  • It cultivates self confidence in you. You communicate freely with the world without the fear of harassment.
  • It is a source of tranquility in society. It restricts men from indulging in illegal relationships.
  • It protects loss of heat from your head.
  • It ensures cleanliness of your head in public places. This helps in improving your hygiene.

So, at the end of the day, it is all bout our attitude that we adapt while wearing hijab, the level of confidence with which we delineate our religion and lastly how we answer why we hear hijab.