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Give a little Qurbani

So which animal have you decided to sacrifice this Eid-ul-Azha, or are you planning to skip it this time. If you are, then you should definitely change your opinion.

Let me brief you with the virtues of Qurbani, if you are under the ignorance of sparing yourself from this noble act.

Every year, on 10th Zilhajj, Muslims perform a very righteous deed in view of Allah by shedding the blood of a slaughtered animal. This uplifting act is performed by Muslims to revere the unparalleled sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. When he in obedience to the order of Allah, conveyed to him in a dream prepared himself to slaughter his son. There was no logic behind killing his son for no apparent cause. Ismail had not committed any misdeed. In spite of this, Hazrat Ibrahim surrendered to Allah’s will. But Allah intervened in the last moment and replaced Ismail with a ram and Hazrat Ibrahim ended up in slaughtering it. Hence, Eid-ul-Azha typifies the spirit of Hazrat Ibrahim of surrendering to the divine call. This substantiated the fact that a staunch believer obeys every command of His lord without doubt and combing for loopholes. Once a companion asked Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) to define Qurbani. He replied: “It is the Sunnah of you father Ibrahim”.

The importance of Qurbani is reflected in the following verse of Holy Quran. “So turn in prayer, towards your Lord and sacrifice” Many of you might still not have clear cut idea of what Qurbani refers to?

Qurbani (sacrifice) is the practice of slaughtering an animal for the sake of Allah. This ritual is carried out by Muslims on Eid-ul-Azha.

This righteous deed rectifies one’s sins. When a person slaughters the Qurbani animal, he is purred from all sins at the first drop of blood and that animal, on the Day of Judgment, will strengthen the scale of his pious deeds with its blood, limbs e.t.c. Therefore, with every hair of the animal’s body, huge reward is associated for Muslims.

This righteous practice is compeered with humbleness of heart. So when one slaughters the animal with pure intention and not for the purpose of eating meat, he abides with the doctrines of Holy Quran.

Another significant goodness of Qurbani is that it inculcates in Muslims a spirit of sacrifice. Muslims learn this golden lesson that Allah’s love in his heart should surpass the love for himself, his family and for the endless pleasures of this material world.

Before we slaughter an animal we take Allah’s name seeking His blessings. The animal should be of best quality, free from any faults or defects like blindness or any genetic defect. This underscores that our efforts are not sub-standard and we tie a superior relationship with Allah. For instance, when we have to meet for an important business meeting, we make sure for a perfect conduct. Similarly in Qurbani, we should strive for perfection.

Sine many under privileged class people cannot afford to conduct this practice, this occasion calls for charity. When its is over, meat is divided among the poor so that they can also enjoy this occasion. The needy students of Islamic institutions are the most favorable beneficiaries of the skins of these animals.

The times for preference for Qurbani are the first day, i.e. the 10th Zilhajj followed by second day and lastly the third day.

Those who can afford, it is preferable for them to make Qurbani on behalf of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) to gain additional blessings.

What animals must be used for Qurbani?

  • Goat and sheep with a minimum of 1 year each
  • Cattle with a minimum of 2 years.
  • Camels with a minimum of 5 years.

Distribution of Qurbani meat or any other charity among non-Muslims is not permissible at all.

To sum up, this noble practice should be conducted by entire Muslim community annually. The sole purpose of the believer should be to strive to win Allah’s pleasure.