Enlightening your Little Ones

The Muslim world today is inundated with parents struggling untiringly to inculcate Islamic teachings in their little moppets. These little ones are being raided by internet, television e.t.c which is divesting them from an ideal Islamic environment.

Pick a child at random and you will cognize it yourself. This child will be a top grader at school, will be a street smart of all the socio-economic conditions enveloping his surroundings and will be abreast with all his favorite TV shows and surfacing of new technological discoveries. But if you will enquire him about his religion, there will be utter quietude at his part.

It can be conceived that our Islamic community have foundered to nourish their kids even with elementary principles of Islam. We have immersed our child in acquiring worldly education, and we rely far too heavily on the few hours of Sunday to teach our children with ample amount of Islamic information. The impetus is on parents to gird their child with Islamic values and instill in them Islamic practices since their childhood.

The most problematic issue is that some parents try to accustom their kids with Islam by reading them texts and books. Do you expect a 6 year old child to learn about his religion in this way? Definitely No- This strategy requires long hours of attentiveness and deep comprehension which is difficult for children in these years.

Therefore, a snap guide has been laid down, in an attempt to remedy this gloomy situation. Following are simple rules that will be conducive in an Islamic tutelage of your kids.

  • A child should be taught about Tauhid in a manner which he could easily fathom. He should be briefed that Allah is one and sole worthy of worship. He is our Creator with unmatchable attributes.
  • The parents can make best of the circumstances while educating their child. For instance, while walking in a park they can ask child about who made trees and flowers to divert their attention to the supremacy of the sole Creator.
  • It should be inculcated in mind that every good act should be done only for Allah. Children are quickly impressed with the worldly praising, but they should be taught to gratify Allah alone.
  • They should be confided with that Allah is with those who remembers him in all times and not with those who seeks him in adversities.
  • They should be equipped with these three basic touchstones- Subhan Allah, La illaha illAllah, Allah-o-Akber.
  • They should be told that whenever you swear only swear with the name of Allah.
  • They should be accoutered with the blessings of Allah, like during Ramadan doors of heaven are opened while doors of hell are closed.
  • Instead of Batman, Superman and Harry Potter, tell them examples of Muslim heroes like Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A.), Hazrat Umar (R.A.) e.t.c. These epitomes of Islam gave precedence to their faith and worship of Allah over their families and property and won the hearts of mankind.
  • One major task that parents should bring in practice is to involve them in acts of worship with themselves. Soon, they will emulate you. Tell them about reward of Salah so they don’t feel it as an onus.
  • Encourage in them the spirit of repentance. If they perform an ill deed tell them You will have to ask God to forgive you, I can’t help it!”
  • Bar your child from telling lies and tell them what a profane deed it is.
  • Encourage them to say Dua in everything. From eating to driving to sleeping they must always say Dua.
  • Enclose your child with good morals of honesty, contentment, justice, mercy e.t.c. These are key to a virtuous life.
  • They should be imparted to refrain from evils of jealousy and backbiting.
  • Parents should adapt a kind behavior with their little ones and cultivate a sense of kindness in them for the poor and the needy. They should be tutored to put aside a petty amount of pocket money as charity.
  • They should be coached to be dutiful and respectful to their parents and elders.
  • An integral part of religious training is to teach recitation of Holy Quran. Children should be asked to revise it daily and memorize small Surahs.
  • Ask them to stick with it and reward them by giving them a prize on each memorization to goad them.
  • Parents should strive to make their children good recitors of Holy Quran, as it is their right. Recitation of Quran should not be restricted to after Salahs only or on the praying mat. Quran should not be a part of special occasions but of our daily life.
  • Make a habit to make your child accompany you whenever you go to mosque to pray. Developing this habit in them is very important.

This is a general guideline that will aid every Muslim to show their offspring the correct path and and successfully fulfill the task entrusted to them by Allah and Holy Prohet (S.A.W.) to prevent our future generation from going astray.

However, one must keep in mind that while instructing children they should not resort to strictness or any abusive methods. Instead, love and friendship is the only key to achieve this noble goal. As Imam Ali states “Do not force your customs upon your children for they are in other times than yours.”