Are Masjids being left in oblivion?

Take a moment off from your bustling schedules and gander the milieu around you. Do you a new trend gaining dominance? Instead of going to mosques for prayers, Muslims have found an effortless remedy to this wearisome obligation and that is by praying individually at home. Are you following this new fashion or are you left behind?

Today, in this chaotic and busy lifestyle, who is willing to spare some time and waste it by going to mosques? Who is thick enough to do so, when praying at home is no big deal! But is it true? Does praying in mosques no more significant than praying at home?
The answer is NO. According to some ahadith and scholars, it is mandatory for men to offer salah in mosques. Praying in congregation gives multiple times greater awards than praying but ourselves. This fact can be substantiated by the following hadith of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) “The prayer performed in congregation is 27 times greater than praying by ourselves”.

However, today, Muslims have framed a new ideology that only old and bootless people go to mosques. The others have the liberty to pray at home – or unfortunately and unbelievably so – not to pray at all!

Gravely speaking people, why has not going to mosques come in vogue? Have we forgotten the importance of mosques? Are Muslims today unaware that mosques are an imperative part of our religion?

Mosques bring the believers under one roof to pray unanimously and this is the pivotal purpose of mosques. They serve as a religious fort for Muslims providing them with an opportunity to come in the shade of Allah and express their gratitude for His countless favors. This is the treasure which yields tremendous benefits to a believer if he approaches it.

Today, far too many people do jot even offer their obligatory prayers. Why do we spent hours wasting our time in frivolous activities and fail to remember the fact that it will be prayers that will be the first thing Allah will hold us accountable for. Why is it that from our hectic life, we miss the bus to go to mosque? Why does our “things-to-do” list doesn’t include this very important obligation? Why are we being crazy enough to miss the excellent reward by not praying in masjids?

Thee are abundant reasons conducive to this unpropitious mutation. The primary of this matter is that today’s youth is hardly aware of deen and is really leading astray. Teenagers are averting from their religion because they are susceptible to western society and culture. They are just so pre-occupied with their material well-being, they just don’t have any time to pay heed to their religion. This not-so-Islamic- youth is gravitated towards worldly desires influenced by media and technology.

It is a challenging assignment to convince these young ones to rescue themselves from Allah’s wrath and from sinning immensely. However, putting all the blame on these teenagers will be ba blatant lie. Vacancy in mosques is not just attributed to teenage ignorance! Parents are equally culpable for it. It is their home where modern culture has surpassed religion. Obviously children will emulate their parents. When parents are too engrossed in their lives to visit mosques, then why should they children take the pain of going to mosque and pray?

One of the major problem is that the khutbas do not necessarily address youth issues. Many Muslim youth who comes to masjid feel misjudged or uncomfortable when they confront questions like “why dress a certain way, they are not praying properly”.

Other reasons also need to be highlighted. Lack of belonging to mosques creates sectarian conflicts. The imam considers mosque to be his private property and exploits the “namazis”. This kind of nefarious behavior has no room in Islam and this has made mosques disoriented.

My question remains the same. Why have we started groping into the doom of ignorance? Has Islam become an outdated religion? Has the culture gain precedence over the sunned of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). In majority of the countries, why number of Muslims in mosques is declining?

Today, a need has surfaced to revive a few reasons to go to mosque to these oblivious Muslims. Those who have strayed from their religion, we need to bring them back towards mosques. Allah speaks in Surah Nahl “Invite the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction”.

However, we need to comprehend that guidance is solely Allah’s blessing. We cannot expect our mosques to be flooded with Muslims from tomorrow. We need to resort to patience, as it will take some time for fruits to sprout. As Hazrat Aisha quoted “If the first revelation was to tell Arabs to stop drinking, they would have never stopped drinking immediately”.

Although many believe that praying at home is not a sin, but why should we not aim higher? How could we loose the opportunity of such a huge reward just like that?
So the point is-if someone gives you a call to invite you to mosque, your answer should be YES.