An Act of Reverence or Rage?

So people! How many of you gave a standing ovation to these ardent Islamic lovers for exhibiting a splendid show of violence, antagonism and spleen on their own land. Arson, bloodshed, ashes of burned vehicles and property, choked traffic and intense riots demonstrated a superb show of hatred that the world has ever seen. Surely, it is a matter of pride for these buffs of Islam for securing a reputation that will cleave with them for centuries.

Hats off to these incensed Muslim heroes for drenching themselves into irascibility and perishing their own selves! These nuts of Islam scattered throughout to prevail unrest. What an idea it was to spurn the blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and to show how truly we love him! The stage set by these infuriated Muslims echoed loudly to the world that Wow you know us so well! We are behaving in exactly the same inhuman way as you depicted us.

Sounds like a good show? On a serious note people, talking about this adversity in a sarcastic way is not an easy job because the truth unveils a very bitter and woebegone reality. The fact that our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) has been denigrated and ridiculed! And yes, it is the right of every staunch Muslim to save the dignity of their dear Prophet (S.A.W.) and do the utter condemnation of that blasphemous film.

But did our reaction to it actually preserve the reputation of Holy prophet (S.A.W.)? Or did we actually give contentment to those non-Muslim savages, of falling for their stupid prank and allowed them to enjoy watching us spreading discord amidst our own selves? I ask you to introspect yourself for a moment and think- think that what we did was right? Wasn’t our act tantamount to throwing acid at our own self and stamping on our own feet? Was it rational, that we did? Or should it be called fanaticism?

We are all proud Muslims and we are obliged to guard the honor of our Prophet (S.A.W.) and fight for him. But instead of portraying ourselves as freaks, our agenda should be to let the world know that real Muslims don’t believe in violence. What was the point of burning our own selves? We should demonstrate unanimity and raise voice that will reverberate throughout the non-Islamic world. Our Prophet (S.A.W.) is an emblem of love, peace, impeccable demeanor and mercy. We should follow his teachings to remedy the damage done to his name. Instead of defaming him much more than non-Muslims by choosing to answer the hatred and anger of others, we should prove the world that an inappropriate movie made by them cannot blacken our religion.

A more peaceful show was what that would have displayed the true power of Islam. If we should have just recited durood, conducted milaads and would have made use of our magnificent blessings of endurance and courage, we would have modeled ourselves in a better way. However, in our efforts to defend our Prophet (S.A.W.) one of his essential teachings is left in oblivion by us.

A man said to the Prophet (p.b.u.h) : “Counsel me.” The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said: “Do not get angry.” The man repeated his request many times, but the Prophet (p.b.u.h) kept saying: “Do not get angry.” [Sahih Burkhari ]

What we Muslims need to learn is that we cannot give – satisfaction to these anti-Islamic people, that they got triumph in their aim of invoking and eliminating us. Our role is to show them that to fight we resort to words and fortitude. These are our weapons. We do not lift guns over at our own selves. We are definitely taught better than this.

It is time for us to accept this harsh reality, that loads of such blasphemy will challenge Muslims in the upcoming future. Shame that the enemies of Islam are never going to change. It is purely our choice, either to surrender to self-destruction or to revive the Prophet’s teachings and set their own selves as hallmarks of humanity. Islam is an epitome of best and correct conduct. We cannot destroy the marvelous example of our Prophet (S.A.W.) by our own hands, blinded by our frustrations.

What we all saw was a doleful and a despondent show. Surely, we will want something nice and dignified next time. I will conclude with the following saying

“Allah is too great to be troubled by the insults of fools. Follow Him.”

And I will advice each and every reader of this article to ponder over the above words. Those who will be able in deciphering its true meaning will know that this Allah is our true strength, which we have forgotten-a mistake done by nearly all of us.