8 useful tips to memorize the glorious Quran Aug31


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8 useful tips to memorize the glorious Quran

When I was young, I used to watch live taraweeh transmissions from Makkah during Ramadan. It was amazing how Imams recited Quran flawlessly in a fluent stream. They learnt it word-by-word, without any mistakes was truly a fact, simply indigestible at that time. However, when I started the Hifz myself, a realization engulfed my apprehension of failure. Quran is easy to memorize and remember – consistency and patience is the key.

And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember? [54:17]

Today I am a Hafiz, Mashallah. I have summarized some of the techniques my mentor passed on to me, they helped me and they’ll help you too, Inshallah.

1 – Select a timeslot

The first thing you need to select is a suitable timeslot. The best time to memorize is right after fajr or Isha. You can also memorize during daytime, but make sure your slots are stress free and you should do nothing in between. Try avoiding calls and emails, reduce distraction as much as you can.

2 – The right ambience

Surrounding is equally important. A serene and quiet environment can reduce time spent on memorizing a page by almost 10-15%. And it is also easy to retain, as your mind doesn’t have to process and turn-off distractions. Try selecting a place with greenery, plants tend to emit a positive energy.

3 – ‘Warming up’

Before memorizing new lesson, give your mind a ‘warm up’ by reciting one or two pages, whether from memory or by looking. We used to revise and let our colleagues hear it, we only moved forward unless previous lessons were locked without any errors.

Get a family member or a friend who you can recite to everyday. Ideally go for someone who is also memorizing, it’ll cultivate peer pressure and competition.

4 – Correct pronunciation while reciting

It usually happens that while memorizing one keeps track of pronunciations, but once a page is recited 4-5 times the rate of speech increases. This increase sometimes compromises pronunciations. Therefore, this should be taken care of. Incorrect pronunciation usually ends up changing the complete meaning of the Ayats (verse).

5 – Don’t stick yourself with daily limits

Setting up a realistic daily limit is necessary while memorizing Quran. It can be in terms of pages, Surahs or Ayats. It varies from person to person. However, strictly sticking to that daily limit is also not a good idea.

Let’s say you’re on a page-a-day schedule, sometimes it would take less time to learn a page while sometimes it won’t be that easy. So instead of pushing it down your brains, try settling for a lesser limit on that day. Stop at 2/3 of a page and try and complete it the next day.

6 – Understand the words

Reading translation before memorizing aids the process to a much larger extent. Get a grip on the core idea of the Ayats you are memorizing and it will be easy for you to remember.

7 – Consistency

There are no holidays or weekends when you are memorizing Quran. The more frequent you memorize, the easier it becomes. Usually it takes up to an hour to memorize a page while in initial phase, but once you are consistent it drops to 15-20 minutes per page.

8 – Constant review and revision

When memorizing Quran, revision is far more important than memorizing new ayats each day. Each time you don’t review your previously learnt Surahs/Ayats, it’ll start slipping from your memory slot, until its gets completely erased. Don’t set specific timeslots to revise. It can be done while handling daily chores or while travelling.

I hope all of these techniques will help you in memorizing the Quran. If you have any other tips please share it here, I’ll appreciate. May Allah Almighty help us in the Hifz of the glorious Quran, Ameen.