Bu Ali Sina, also known as Avicenna, was born in 980 AD and for 57 years, proved to be a great source of wisdom and knowledge. He was a Muslim physician from the golden age of the Islamic history of science. The legacy of Ibn Sina rubs shoulders with the likes of al-Razi. His students, owing to his vast knowledge, gave him the title of al-Sheikh al- Rais (Leader among the wise men). In the West, people remember him as the “prince of the physicians” given the importance and significance of the text book he wrote; al Qanun fi al-tib (Canons of medicine).

Ibn Sina excelled in philology, philosophy and poetry. However, his recognition world wide is attributed to his work as a physician. He experimented with the techniques used in medicine in the contemporary society and developed more proficient methods. He was the first to use catheters and suggested intravesical injections for the administration of certain drugs. Ibn Sina wrote more than 200 treaties on various subjects out of which 40 were on medicine. His famous book, al Qanun fi al-tib (Canons of medicine), was to be translated into various languages. The book is famous for the information it provides regarding testing of new drugs, infectious diseases, contagious diseases and quarantining certain diseases. Al-Qanun served as a standard medical text in the Islamic world and Europe till the 18th century. Along with his medical services, Ibn Sina wrote various books on philosophy, striving to merge Islamic theology with rational philosophy. Using scientific reason and logic, he aimed to prove the existence of God. One of his famous quotes can be mentioned in this regard; “Absence of understanding does not warrant absence of existence.”

Ibn Sina was one of the greatest physicians of the Islamic golden age. His works were not only celebrated in the Muslim society but also across Europe and rest of the world. His methodology on testing of new drugs and his identification of various diseases was unprecedented. He gave new impetus and a new approach to the field of Medicine. Ibn Sina will be remembered by the world for his wonderful services in the field of Medicine.

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